Thursday, May 16, 2013

long overdue::thankful

today I woke up in a house where others were stirring around in the kitchen
I remembered that I'm not alone, and I liked the thought.

I am thankful for grey skies and cool air, even in May.

a morning walk:: noting the beauty of my neighborhood.

for learning about love by experience.

coffee and classical music in a coffee shop bustling with the early morning crowd.

the bizarre achy muscle reminder of yesterdays workout.

the memories of my season in Cambodia; for the bits of language that come to mind at random moments, for the beauty that lies in my memory, and in that country on the other side of the world...

for my job; the reminder of the human spirit...and even the all night long hours that allow me to watch the sunrise and the light peeking through the windows at 5am, welcoming another day.

the ways that art awakens my soul.

the morning of writing thirteen pages in my journal:: how the Lord chooses to reach me through other people in the most unexpected ways.

the hope in tomorrow:: the newness. and the unbelievable surprises that await.


Whitney Conard said...

glad you are back. :) don't stay away!

Oriana said...

yay gretch -- i'm glad you're back too!

Marc Skipper said...

i hardly look at blogs anymore and I just happened to peek at yours tonight. Yay. You inspire me. Love you, friend!